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CriticalSmiths Research Series

The CriticalSmiths project was created by EM Students and Wellness for Makers to inspire students to think critically about studio safety issues and their personal work habits.

Student groups conduct research, through hands on experiments, surveys, and field trips in order to investigate a topic related to environmental and human health. Students are encouraged to start conversations with professionals to learn more about their practices and materials as relevant for their selected research project.

THE RESULTS: A poster will be designed and distributed to share with the metals community.


Want to start a CriticalSmiths Research Project at your school?
Lucy Louise Derickson (EM Students Facilitator) and Missy Graff-Ballone (Wellness for Makers) will support you and your students every step of the way!

Contact Lucy Louise Derickson at emstudentcommittee@gmail.com


CriticalSmiths Project 1: FLUX


Research Team:
Griffith University, Queensland College of Art
Brisbane, Australia