Do you wonder what is takes to make a single piece of jewelry?


Our Mission

Ethical Metalsmiths: Inspiring responsible jewelry practices through education, connection and action

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Ethical Metalsmiths has pioneered and widely shared the Radical Jewelry Makeover - a collaborative effort between makers and market to bring awareness to recycled metals and gemstones. 


Ethical Metalsmiths connects caring consumers with responsible jewelers.  We have a database of jewelers who work diligently to make jewelry which leaves as little environmental trace as possible. 



Leading the industry by bringing Fairmined Gold to market, EM has also helped promote recycled metals as the least impactful way to source metal for jewelry. 


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Our Current Events

Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference

The responsible jewelry movement is speeding ahead. Are you on board? Start your journey with a trip to The Chicago Responsibility Conference this October 19-20! 

Here you will meet the leaders in sustainability practices from all around the world and witness the world premier debut of Rivers of Gold with a personal appearance from Producer Sarah duPont.


We promote Ethical Jewelry

Producing jewelry responsibly takes commitment, passion, and dedication. Our Designer members are leading the industry in sustainable jewelry design. It is our pleasure to connect you.

If you are searching for the perfect piece of ethically made jewelry, you have landed in the right place. View the Designer galleries to find your next cherished treasure. We welcome you.


Our Vision

We envision a jewelry industry where a beautiful product does not bear a human or environmental toll


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